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New shoot straight from the camera.

Random Thought

I can’t believe that after all of these years as a freelancer I can still be shocked by the absolute lack of respect and professionalism that I and others I know are treated with. I would treat my enemies better. What has become the norm, would have been unheard of just 4-5 years ago.

This is an important article for both potential clients, young start-up or older second career photographers to read. Actually everyone should read this article, fairly soon your employers might want you to work for free or insulting pay too. - Jaime

Drunk Santa(s)

A few more MSG Varsity ads. These kids were great, the casting,make-up, and wardrobe were perfect.  Special thanks to Walrus NY and Assembly Films for letting me capture their vision. 

Beauty with a fine art twist. Capturing the amazing nail art by Ran Kowatari who painted the model’s nails just before we shot freehand. These images have minimal retouching applied. Other than fly aways all processing took place in C1 V.7.

  • Photographer: Jaime DeMarco
  • Hair: Damian Santiago @ mizu ny
  • Make-Up: Lena An
  • Nails: Ran Kowatari @ Ran Design Studio NYC
  • Hair Assistants: Judy Chamberlain and Maria Rodriquez

The first two in a series of Ad’s I shot with Assembly Films and the incredibly talented creative team at Walrus NY. to launch the new MSG Varsity channel. It’s a high school sports network. The next 3 are funnier than these, I’ll post them as soon as they run.

Haven’t see one of these I a million years.

A new story that’s featured for the release of Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7. We had trouble editing the story, because all of the images were so phenomenal.

Thanks to our amazing team.

  • Hair: Nicole Obert
  • Make-Up: Jessi Butterfield
  • Styling: Jillian Donaldson
  • Models: Ediely Scapinello and Adrian Z @Major Models